Cypress Lakes Manor South

CLMS Rules/Regulations


A “Guest “ shall mean and refer to any person who is visiting a unit without requirement to contribute money, perform any services or provide any other consideration to the owner in connection with such visit/occupancy.

21. (b)  House guests of Unit Owners may not maintain residence for a continuous period exceeding 30 days.  

All Unit Owners having Guests when the Owner is Absent must Complete and Submit the Guest Form to the CLMS Assn. This Form must be Completed and Submitted Prior To the Guests occupying the unit.

Use of units by the following guests of the designated occupant when the designated occupant is not present in the unit shall be restricted as follows: No guest shall use or occupy a unit in excess of sixty (60) days in a calendar year, of which the maximum number of continuous days shall be fifteen (15).

62. Children under twelve (12) years of age are NOT allowed in the pool area, etc., unless accompanied by an adult eighteen (18) years or older.

70. Extra parking for guests is available by the Golf Cart House.



20. Owners may sell, rent or lease their unit as a single family unit only. Leases or rentals shall be for periods of ninety-three (93) days or more per family and there shall be no more than one (1) such separate rentals or leases within a given year.

Official approval of the Board of Governors is required to transfer title, to lease or to rent a condominium unit. Applications for transfers or rentals may be obtained from the Board and must include:

         (1)    A $100 investigation fee payable by the owner.

         (2)    The name of three (3) references (not relatives) from persons living in the areas where the applicant previously resided.

b. The Board will expedite action on all such requests.

c. In the case of repeat renters, the $100 fee may be waived: however, approval of the Board must be obtained.

22. No child under eighteen (18) years of age shall be permitted as a permanent or rental resident.

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