Cypress Lakes Manor South

!!  Lightning Alarm at the High School  !!

Due to the deaths and injuries caused by our ever present summer thunder and lightning storms, the Fort Myers School Committee installed Lightning Detectors at all of the school practice fields. The detectors emit a horn type sound when lightning is detected within a 10-mile radius. 

The School Committee policy “forbids all outside school activities until 30 minutes after the last detected lightning strike within a 10-mile radius.” 

We are very fortunate to be close enough to the Cypress Lake High School to hear the horn when it goes off. You cannot miss it! It is loud and sounds like a car or a fire alarm. 

The CLMS Board of Directors is encouraging all pool users to also follow this directive. 

Please get out of the water and leave the area for 30 minutes from the last heard alarm! 

We know this can be disappointing for guests and visitors, however, given the recent deaths and injuries due to lightning strikes it is better to be safe than sorry!

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